List of Radio Stations in Lagos With Best Experience

Radio stations in Lagos

Welcome to this wonderful article on List of Radio Stations in Lagos to get the best experience and fun.

Lagos, Nigeria, is filled with a dynamic radio culture, offering an array of stations that cater to diverse tastes.

Ranging from talk shows to music galore, this bustling city has a radio station for every listener’s preference.

Furthermore, venture into Lagos’s radio sphere, and you’ll discover a tapestry of stations showcasing a rich tapestry of genres.

Whether it’s Afrobeat rhythms or soul-soothing jazz melodies, these stations are your gateway to musical bliss.

This post will tell all you need to know and all the List of Radio Stations in Lagos.

Lagos’s radio stations transcend mere entertainment. They serve as a cultural bridge, connecting communities, and reflecting the city’s diverse ethos.

These stations are more than just frequencies; they are a testament to Lagos’s vibrant spirit.

Lagos’s radio stations await your exploration. Tune in, discover your favorites, and immerse yourself in the eclectic world of radio broadcasting that this city has to offer.

Whether you seek information, entertainment, or cultural insights, these stations are your portal to a world of auditory delight.

1. Access24 Radio

Access24 Radio is a reputable Nigerian radio station delivering up-to-the-minute news coverage.

Insightful analysis, and in-depth reporting across diverse topics, ensuring listeners stay informed and engaged.

Furthermore, Access24 Radio frequency is 91.5.

2. Adamimogo FM

Adamimogo FM, is Nigeria’s #1 Radio station based in Lagos, dedicated to broadcasting seasoned programs 24 hours non stop.

Also, Adamimogo FM frequency is 93.1.

3. Beat FM

The Beat 99.9FM is a full-service station with local and international entertainment news, topical news, sports, weather and traffic information all rolled into a hot and exciting breakfast, afternoon and evening drive time show.

However, your journey to and from work will never feel the same again. The Beat 99.9FM is the station to tune to at home, in the car, at work and online.

4. Bond FM

Bond FM 92.9 is a dynamic Nigerian radio station offering a blend of entertainment, music, and informative programs.

However, known for its diverse content, it engages listeners with captivating shows and vibrant music.

5. Brila Fm

Brila FM 88.9 is a sports radio station known for its vibrant coverage of local and international sports.

Also, it offers insightful analysis, live commentary, and engaging sports-related content.

6. City FM

Dive into the heartbeat of Lagos with City FM, delivering a mix of local news, entertainment, and the latest hits.

Also, tune in for a dose of urban culture and happenings. City FM frequency is 105.1.

7. Classic FM

A distinguished Nigerian radio station celebrated for its timeless classical music, insightful discussions, and cultural programming.

Also, it offers a sophisticated blend of classical tunes and intellectual discourse.

8. Cool FM

Cool FM Lagos is a leading Nigerian radio station renowned for its trendy music selection, lively presenters, and entertaining shows.

It also captivates audiences with a blend of pop culture and engaging content. The frequency is 96.9.

9. Eko Fm

The station’s functions centre mainly on the presentation of typically traditional values and concept of Lagos life. Through it carefully knitted programmes.

Furthermore, EKO FM frequency is 89.7 FM.

10. Faaji FM

Faaji FM is a Nigerian radio station owned by Daar Communications, a communication firm founded by Raymond Dokpesi.

Also, Faaji FM officially started full transmission on December 1, 2012, with Managing Director radio services Daar Communications, Kenny Ogungbe kicking off the transmission.

Faaji FM frequency is 106.5 FM.

11. Gbedu FM

Gbedu FM radio (Ariya unlimited) is a Radio station that talks about Ethics, traditions, morals and life.

Also, Gbedu FM frequency is 100.1.

12. Grajos FM

Radio station with information, entertainment, sports and more programmes that keeps you abreast.

Grajos FM frequency is 88.3.

13. HI-Impact FM

It is the first full HD station in Nigeria, transmitting to over 79 countries in the world with quality entertainment programmes

Also, with an array of exceptional international titles, captivating telenovelas, indigenously produced contents that celebrate the African culture of dance, drama and music from different African ethnic groups, and a few others from other non-African clime

Hi-Impact frequency is 102.1 FM.

14. Hot FM

Hot Fm 93.3 Lagos is bringing radio in different facets. Radio in the traditional sense and radio as a convergence of audio and video, which we call Visual Radio

15. Inspiration FM

Inspiration, as the name implies, is a divinely originated concept that incorporates ideas, music and information.

Intended also to uplift the spirit of the listener and encourage interaction. Inspiration FM frequency is 92.3.

16. Jordan FM

Jordan 105.5 FM provides a voice for the people of Lagos and beyond. Interwoven with quality programming and amazing personalities to deliver.

However, they have what it takes to provide an amazing radio experience for the listeners.

17. Jubilee FM

Jubilee 99.7 FM is a prestigious radio brand committed to good music and good talk at all times and at all levels.

However, their quality team of professionals who are always driven by the need to keep raising the bar higher as far as broadcast and service delivery are concerned.

This is evident in the response of its clientele and partners.

18. Kennis FM

Broadcasting worldwide from Nigeria, this radio is dedicated to entertainment and music in a wide range of styles, having varied programs and news.

Furthermore, it is on air every day, for 24 hours. Kennis FM frequency is 104.1.

19. Kiss FM

98.9 KISS FM LAGOS is a multifaceted broadcast and digital media agency focused on smart content strategies, rich audio narratives and seamless end to end production services.

20. Lagos Talk FM

Lagos Talk FM is a Nigerian radio station renowned for its diverse talk shows, discussions, and analysis of current affairs, entertainment, politics, and social issues in Lagos and beyond.

Also, Lagos talk FM frequency is 91.3 FM

21. Lagos Traffic Radio

Lagos Traffic Radio (96.1 FM) was established in 2012 by former Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola administration.

To monitor traffic and respond to traffic problems in the state by broadcast­ing firsthand traffic in­for­ma­tion to the peo­ple. 

22. Lasgidi FM

It is an entertainment phenomenon, a station the upwardly mobile fun people of Lagos can really call their own.

Furthermore, Lasgidi FM frequency is 90.1 FM.

23. Laspotech FM

According to them, they are the first purely educational radio station in Lagos. Serving you great music and great talk

Also, Laspotech FM frequency is 101.9 FM.

24. Lasu Radio

The Lagos State University Campus Radio 95.7 FM, a.k.a. Lively and Solidly Unique was established in 2016.

It is also a developmental radio and its mission is to positively transform the Students, Staff and the University Community.

25. Max FM

Your new go-to station for the hottest hit music in Lagos is 102.3 MAX FM. They promise to keep their listeners entertained with the hottest music from Nigeria and around the globe.

Blended with the most recent gossip about celebrities, entertainment, and news, as well as traffic and weather information.

26. Mainland FM

Mainland 98.3FM, is a broad spectrum, multi-lingual, informative and complete lifestyle commercial Radio Station in the city of Lagos, radiating broadcast signals strategically from the mainland of Lagos.

27. Metro FM

Metro FM 97.7 is a prominent Nigerian radio station recognized for its dynamic music selection, lively presenters, and engaging programs.

Furthermore, it keeps listeners entertained with a mix of popular tunes and interactive content.

28. Miliki FM

Miliki FM is a radio station designed to redefine indigenous broadcasting through old school music, breaking news, and professional programming.

However, it uses Yoruba as it language of operation with a commitment to exhibiting the culture and making every listener important and happy.

Miliki FM frequency is 101.3 FM.

29. Naija FM

Naija FM 102.7 is an original Naija radio station, with correct collabo of talk and music.

The talking part, include local and topical news, where they give listeners space to talk their minds for topical matters that affects everyday.

30. NigeriaInfo FM

Nigeria Info 99.3 is a reputable Nigerian radio station providing informative talk shows, news, and discussions on current affairs.

However, it serves as a reliable source for in-depth analysis and updates.

31. Radio Lagos

Radio Lagos 107.5 FM (also known as Tiwa n’ Tiwa) began operations in 1977 as an offshoot of the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation.

However, it is the first state-owned FM radio station in Lagos State.

The station originally operated on two A.M. Frequencies (990 kHz.303mtrs and 918 kHz.327mtrs).

Furthermore, the need for transformation produced Radio Lagos 107.5 FM (Tiwa n’Tiwa) under the control of the Lagos State Radio Service in 2001.

32. Raypower

Raypower 100.5 FM is a prominent Nigerian radio station, delivering a diverse mix of music, news, and engaging programs.

Known also for its wide reach, it has been a staple in Nigerian broadcasting.

33. Rhythm FM

Rhythm 93.7 is a prominent Nigerian radio station celebrated for its captivating blend of contemporary music, entertaining shows, and engaging on-air personalities, catering to diverse listener preferences.

34. Smooth FM

Smooth FM 98.1 is a popular Nigerian radio station celebrated for its soothing music selection, laid-back atmosphere, and delightful programming.

It also provides a relaxing and enjoyable listening experience for diverse audiences.

35. Soundcity Radio

Soundcity Radio 98.5 FM is a vibrant Nigerian radio station offering a diverse mix of contemporary music, entertainment, and engaging shows.

Also known for its energetic vibe, it caters to a wide audience.

36. Star FM

Star FM 101.5 is a broadcast radio station from Lagos, Nigeria, providing different styles of Reggae music from classical to modern pop and cover versions of popular songs.

37. Top Radio

This is a dynamic radio station, located in Lagos, which makes and broadcasts programs that cover various topics like the news and educational subjects, but most of all lots of sports and music.

Also, Top Radio frequency is 90.9 FM.

38. Tungba FM

TUNGBA 100.9fm is an Entertainment Radio station situated in the heart of Lagos.

39. Ultima Radio FM

It is designed specifically for you, to be the fun and youthful partner for all young people seeking opportunities to live their best, unhindered life every day.

However, Ultima Radio FM frequency is 88.5.

40. Urban96 FM

Urban 96.5 FM is the home of Feel Good Hit Music broadcasting on the 96.5 dial-in Lagos and streaming to the world.

Furthermore, Urban 96.5 FM is available and streaming everywhere you get good radio.

41.Voice of the People FM

Discover engaging and thought-provoking discussions on VOP FM. Tune in to insightful conversations, expert opinions, and lively debates on current events.

Also Voice of the People FM frequency is 90.3.

42. Wazobia FM

Here is another popular Nigerian radio station known for its entertaining mix of music, comedy, and engaging talk shows in various Nigerian languages, catering to diverse audiences nationwide.

However, Wazobia FM Lagos frequency is 95.1.

43. Yabatech Radio

This is the official campus radio of Yaba College of Technology nestled on campus and providing quality programming for its audience in music, sports, relationship, work life, education and much more.

Also, Yabatech FM Lagos frequency is 89.3 FM.

Lagos’s radio stations epitomize a rich auditory mosaic, offering a spectrum of genres and insightful dialogues.

From the rhythmic beats of AfroGroove Radio to the engaging discussions on LagosTalks FM.

Each station adds a unique layer to the city’s cultural tapestry. Tuning in not only provides entertainment but also serves as a connection to the pulse of Lagos, creating a sonic journey through its diverse and vibrant ethos.

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