How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

There are different ways to Make Money Online in Nigeria. As a result, you need to know where you are good at before you start. You can either teach yourself by researching or learn from someone who has done it before.

The different ways of making money online are;

  • Freelancing:
    One way to make money online in Nigeria is by rendering client services. Services such as writing for people that need it.
  • Online sales:
    Here is another way to make money online in Nigeria. Most people now sell online and on different platforms such as Jumia, Konga, Jiji, etcetera. You can sell on any of these platforms to make some cool cash.
  • Blogging and Affiliate Marketing:
    Blogging is an act of making research and writing on a particular idea to help solve people’s problems. On the other hand, Affiliate Marketing is selling other people’s digital products to earn a commission.
  • Online tutoring and teaching:
    Also, one other way to earn online is to organize online tutoring and teaching.
  • Social media marketing:
    One way to also make money online is to help companies to build their online presence.
  • The list goes on and on.
How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

This article will not talk deeply about all the above-mentioned. It will only concentrate on No2, which is selling online. Also, for better understanding, we will be talking about selling on the No1, online store in Nigeria which is Jumia. That will take us to the topic on

How to Make Money Selling on Jumia

Selling online is on the rise in Nigeria, with more and more consumers turning to online platforms to purchase products. From fashion and electronics to food and home goods, the variety of products available online is ever-expanding.

However, starting an online store has become a popular way to Make Money in Nigeria. However, creating a successful online store is not always easy.

In this article, we will explore the No. 1 online store in Nigeria and provide tips on creating a successful online store, including product photography, pricing, and marketing strategies.

In addition, by following these tips, you’ll be on your way to making money online by selling products in Nigeria.”

In case you have been searching online for this topic to no avail, and you have always wanted to make some money online, then you are indeed a lucky person for stopping by this topic.

Search no more. All you need now is full concentration.

Don’t forget we will concentrate on making money on Jumia.

As of today of writing this article, Jumia remains the No1, online shopping store in Nigeria with no doubt.

Also, I need to tell you most of the products you buy from Jumia are from different sellers/vendors, and not Jumia itself.

The work of Jumia in this regard is to make sure the product you want to send to the customer is in good condition and help you transport it to the customer, though Jumia solely owns the customer.

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Continued

What is Jumia?

According to Investopedia, Jumia is a Pan-African technology company that is built around a marketplace, logistics service, and payment service.

The logistics service enables the delivery of packages through a network of local partners while the payment services facilitate the payments of online transactions within Jumia’s ecosystem.

It has partnered with more than 100,000 active sellers and individuals and is a direct competitor to Konga in Nigeria and Amazon in Egypt.

In addition, Jumia knows the next level of buying for customers is now on the Internet, which is why they are in it.

Also, one of their goals is to offer the widest range of products to customers, and this is what makes sellers essential.

As Africa’s number one e-commerce company, they are always looking for ways to add value for customers.

As a Jumia seller, you take part in offering those customers a better selection, better prices, and a top-notch customer experience.

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The average number of potential customers monthly stood at 225,000, and the number of views per month is at 35,000,000.

This figure is a good omen that there is something you can gain from partnering with Jumia.

What you should know before you start selling

1. Make sure you comply with the conditions set aside:

Your products can be sold on Jumia if you have all the necessary information to create your account:

  • Mail address and phone number
  • Details of your company (address, legal name, etc.)
  • Bank account details.

Do not worry about the ones you think you do not have, I will tell you how to go about it.

2. How much does it cost to sell on Jumia?

Registration on Jumia is free for all vendors. For each sale you make via the platform, you will be charged a fee depending on the delivery method chosen and the category of your products.

  • Shipping cost contribution
  • Commissions
  • Jumia Express fees

3. Discover the Seller Center:

When you are registered, all the management of your online store is done via the Seller Center. With this portal, you have access to all the information you need to manage your sales, add products, update your product information, have an overview of actual sales, etc.

It is a one-stop shop to facilitate the management of your sales account on Jumia.

Below are a few of the things you can do from the SellerCenter.

  • Keep track of your inventory and update your listings
  • Keep track of orders that are in the Jumia network
  • Join the promotional campaigns
  • Use customer metrics tools to monitor your seller performance

4. How to list products

Your first step to making your products available for the customers is to list them on your Seller Center account. There are different methods to use depending on the type and the number of products you want to offer to the shoppers, which are;

  • 1 by 1
  • “Sell yours” feature
  • Massive creation with bulk templates
  • The Jumia content team can help you list your product

To be put live, the creation of your product must comply with some guidelines to be accepted by their teams.

To be sure your products make it to the top and help you succeed in your launch on Jumia, here are some tips to know what works best for the shoppers.

Guidelines for successful product creation and a successful launch.

The product detail page

Once approved by their teams, your products will be live on Jumia. From there, you can receive an order at any time.

5. How to process an order

As soon as a customer orders one of your products, you have 24 hours to get your item ready to ship. Here are the steps to do it properly:

Check daily your Seller Center account to see if you have a new order (a mail alert will also be sent to you).

Prepare your package for delivery, following their guidelines on how to properly pack your order.

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6. How to deliver your order

Jumia offers you two main solutions to deliver your orders:

Prepare and drop off your packages at the VDO stations.
This means that you take care of the storage of your products, you are responsible for packing the orders, you bring your orders to the VDO stations and they only take care of the delivery to the customers.

Subscribe to Jumia Express service
Ship your products to Jumia so that they can take charge of their inventory and make them quickly available for sale. Then, with each order, Jumia packages and ships the product directly to the customer.

7. How do you get paid?

Jumia deposits payments into your bank account at regular intervals and notifies you that your payment has been sent.

That is it. I mean that is all you need to start selling on Jumia. However, It isn’t just easy as I analyze it. There are still other things you must take into consideration.

Once again, it isn’t just all about what I have written up there. Although that is every process you need to know, there are still other things to give you an edge over your competitor that you need to know about.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you

Make More Money with Jumia

If you think you can get started with the above process, go ahead and start selling, although you will waste a lot of time for you to master the process.

However, I have a comprehensive e-book titled “Make More Money with Jumia

How to Make Money Online in Nigeria

As I said, it is a comprehensive e-book, so you will be able to know everything about how to utilize Jumia to make cool bulk.

I mean every step-by-step process to make you ahead of competitors.

Furthermore, this e-book will guide you to succeed in selling on Jumia.

Based on the total values above, this e-book no doubt is more than ₦25,000. I can even decide to offer this e-book at a far higher price.

Also, because of obvious reasons, I won’t be charging you that amount, and I won’t even charge you ₦12,500 which is half of the basic price but I will rather charge you ₦5,000.

That’s not all, I have more Good News.

You only need to pay ₦25,000 ₦12,500 ₦10,000. No, just pay ₦3,500 if you act fast. The price will keep increasing afterward.

Things you will learn in the e-book are

  • Introduction to Jumia
  • Creating an Optimized Jumia SellerCenter Store
  • How to Source For Products to Upload on Your Store
  • Products You Shouldn’t Promote on Jumia
  • How to Process Your Orders Properly
  • Calculating Your Profit
  • Bonus on How to Use Facebook Marketplace to increase your sales
  • More tips to scale through
  • Getting more sales through Sponsored ads and Promotions.
  • What you need to know about returned items.
  • How does Jumia pay you?
  • Top Selling Products

As you can see, the above points are all you need to succeed in selling on Jumia. However, with just your N3,500, you will learn everything you can see up there.

I see this as a great opportunity, but now it is left to you to decide for yourself. Also, buying this e-book isn’t the most important thing. The most important thing is to take action on what you bought.

Taking action is very essential.

To get this wonderful opportunity, kindly send the amount of N3,500 to any account number below. After making the payment, send the payment receipt to my WhatsApp number on 07065887611.

Access Bank – 0036779037 – Olayemi Moshood

GTB – 0109378489 – Olayemi Moshood

Kuda Bank – 1100344339 – Olayemi Moshood

Once you are done making the payment of N3,500 send the payment receipt to my WhatsApp number on 07065887611.

You can also message me with the number for inquiries and questions.

It is important you message me after payment so I can send you the ebook and I will also be able to add you to the support group.

Best of luck…

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