Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria are now in operation

Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria

Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria are now in operation and have been deployed in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State by Phoenix Renewables.

PHOENIX RENEWABLES LTD was incorporated in ABUJA, Nigeria with Registration Number 1497233, it was registered on 23 May 2018.

Phoenix Renewables home of electric vehicles 100% Electric zero Emission?

The Company is owned by Mustapha Gajibo, a young Nigerian, who developed the buses. The company’s registered office address is NO.30, 142 ROAD, 14 TH CRESCENT, GWARINPA ESTATE, ABUJA.FCT.

The company specializes in Electric car manufacturers, Solar installation, and Green Energy advocates.

The company is offering a solution for Nigeria and Nigerians by developing electric vehicles and other renewable energy sources, so favorably impacting the climate as fossil fuel vehicles are now a challenge for the entire world due to their emissions.

However, the buses have been put to work in the popular city, according to a tweet provided by the Company, and they have so far carried 21,000 passengers.

On March 8, 2022, the electric city buses commenced operations in Maiduguri Nigeria.

After 30 days which is 8 April 2022, they had already recorded over 21,000 passengers and they have saved them over N1,100,000 by charging them N50 instead of N100 and also saved the environment 27300g of Carbon monoxide. Green city…

Sept 16 2022 Phoenix Renewables made an announcement that they went on a working visit to Ghana, the team led by the MD, Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo to further discussion with their prospective partners/investors for the building of a Mega Factory in Ghana that will manufacture up to 10,000 electric vehicles annually.

Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria

Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria
city bus

About Mustapha Gajibo

Young businessman Mustapha Abubakar Gajibo has a talent for modern technology. The genius from Kanuri, who is determined to show off his technological prowess, has pushed ahead by creating electric cars.

According to the interview he did with Dailytrust. In 2012 Mustapha Gajibo get admission to the University of Maiduguri, but there was much drama before he was able to enroll in his desired course.

He was initially offered General Agricultural Science, but he avoided the course since he had a passion for technical drawings and innovation ever since he was in high school.

His first choice, Electrical Engineering, was not made available to him. Fortunately, he was able to alter his direction.

Mechanical Engineering was the only department that was willing to accept him, and here is where he continued until his third year because he was so passionate about renewable energy, innovation, and technical creativity.

Furthermore, he became quite interested in electrical problem-solving, but this frequently caused him to run into difficulties.

Mustapha skipped classes, tests, and exams, which had a significant negative impact on his academic progress.

He remained passionate about renewable energy, nevertheless, to the point where he chose to fully commit to a program in it when he reached the 300-level.

Afterward, he came up with the notion of starting a registered firm as an entrepreneur after giving up his schooling for it.

How He Started The Business

He registered the business in 2014 but faced some early difficulties that he later resolved.

Moving forward, he said It was an extremely difficult choice. In fact, he was informed it was wild by some of his closest friends.

Due to the fact that he came from a household where everyone attended school, his parents were first upset as well.

A lot of people also cautioned him about his error. Even the department’s leader informed him He was on the wrong track.

However, he was working on a project to power the e-library at the Federal University of Technology in Owerri at the time.

The result was that his family put up a fight against it. Yet when he saw the zeal in him, his father always supported what he was doing.

Definitely, he thought he could make it. He, therefore, didn’t feel bad and obviously was optimistic.

However, he has decided to return to school recently. He had enrolled in the National Open University, Maiduguri Study Centre so he can have enough time to research and do other things.

Furthermore, Mustapha Gajibo claimed they did not get any financial help from anybody. They started investing in the company themselves, right from inception.

When they started installing inverters, solar streetlights, powered boreholes, and other things, they made a lot of sacrifices.

When profits started coming in, the company didn’t spend them.

Instead, they reinvested immediately. That was how they were able to sustain it to the level they were today.

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Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria

Locally Made Electric Buses In Nigeria

In order to keep our cities clean we have to go electric. Phoenix Renewables is home of electric vehicles 100% Electric zero Emission?

Why Choose Electric Cars

As fossil fuel vehicles are now a challenge to the world, because of their emission Phoenix Renewables are providing a solution for Nigerians by producing electric vehicles and providing other renewable energy sources, thereby contributing positively to the climate.

So far, the project had saved the environment above 27300g of Carbon monoxide.

Another reason why choose the Electric Bus was that it is cheap to run compared to fuel.

According to the company, for thirty (30) days they were able to record over 21,000 passengers and have saved them over N1,100,000 by charging them N50 instead of N100.

Different buses built with Phoenix Renewables ltd are

  • The Electric Tricycle
the electric tricycle
  • City Electric Bus
the electric city bus
  • Electric 12 Seater
the electric 12 seater bus

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