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This post will talk about Packaging Machine in Nigeria. It will talk about their types, uses, and suppliers currently in Nigeria, and some other things you need to know.

To keep up with rising consumer demand, many businesses are reconsidering their procedures and strategies. In fact, according to a recent survey on warehouse automation, 40% of respondents cited a rise in consumer demand as the primary motivator for updating their operations.

Also, I will talk about some of the important packaging machines available in the Nigerian market and I will make another post soon on almost all the packaging machines available. But before we start, let’s take a look at what a packaging machine is.

packaging machines in Nigeria

What is a Packaging Machine

Packaging machines are types of equipment that are used in packaging items or parts. At various levels of automation, this product category comprises equipment that forms, fills, seals, wraps, cleans, and packages.

Also, the phrase “Packing Machine” refers to a diverse range of machinery used in various sectors. There are many packing machines available, ranging in size from big to small.

These Machines can be used in filling and sealing liquids, grain, powder, Paste, etcetera. It can also be used to wrap items, weigh products, and secure products throughout transportation and storage with packaging equipment.

Furthermore, all packaging activities, from core packages to distribution packs, rely on packaging machinery. Cleaning, Filling, Sealing, Labeling, overwrapping, and palletizing are all examples of packaging processes.

Advantages of Automatic Packaging Machine

1. Productivity

Pallets, cartons, and other products can be difficult and time-consuming to package manually. Because of the repetitive, boring, and difficult nature of the labour, your employees may feel exhausted. Machines can operate at maximum efficiency for significantly longer periods of time. They also provide significantly faster speeds.

2. Sustainability

Many original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are increasingly designing packing machinery that is environmentally friendly. Such machinery not only provides an excellent return on investment (ROI), but it is also environmentally friendly. They utilize fewer resources and emit fewer greenhouse gases.

3. Employee Safety

According to studies, persons walking on warehouse floors cause 20% of forklift accidents. Manual wrapping and palletizing, on the other hand, might result in cuts, tears, and back problems. You may make your warehouses safer by implementing automated packing technologies. You can keep your operators on the forklifts and avert further injuries by doing so.

4. Quality

Because they have precise, established settings, automated systems are accurate and consistent. They aid in the improvement of product quality, cycle time, and overall operations.

5. Customer Confidence

People buy things that are visually appealing. Automation entails high-quality packaging with precise information. This makes a favorable first impression and aids in brand promotion. Furthermore, consumers can keep machine-wrapped food for far longer than they can with refrigeration alone. As a result, demand for things packed by machines rises.

Your items will be more cost-effective, safe, and appealing with automated packaging. Select automated packaging equipment that is appropriate for your products. This will allow you to grow your business while maintaining employee safety and profitability.

6. Reduce Wastage

Machines are more cost-effective when it comes to packaging. They employ well-defined patterns to cut the material precisely and maximize its use. This simplifies the packaging process and cuts down on material waste.

Some Top Suppliers of Packaging Machine in Nigeria

There are different Packaging Machine Suppliers in Nigeria. Some of these companies have been existing for up to fifteen (15) years and have been able to supply different companies to make their packing easy, fast, and reliable.

Although most of the Machines were produced in China, the role of the suppliers is to let the Nigerian market get it readily available for their local production.

Where to get Peanut Packaging and Sealing Machine in Nigeria

There are lots of Packaging Machine Suppliers currently in Nigeria market, however, I will safe our time to mention the Top 3. Some of the suppliers include;

1. YKM Products Limited

YKM Products Limited is a company that is into the sales and service of packaging machines such as cutting and sealing machines, coding machines, shrink wrapping machines as well as related spare parts.

Furthermore, In 2003, YKM Products Limited was founded and incorporated. As YKM Enterprises, the company began with the production of sachet water (pure water) as one of the leading pure water producers in the mid-90s somewhere in Otto, Ebute Metta in Lagos.

Currently, the company is a significant importer of various types of industrial Packaging Machines, primarily from China. It is a member of the Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Lagos Chambers of Commerce and Industry) (LCCI).

No doubt this is the leading company when it comes to Packaging Machine in Nigeria.

In addition, one of the things that set them aside is that they help clients set up small, mid to large size industries. Also, their engineering services is top notch.

Some of the Machines they sell includes:

  • Automatic Liquid Packaging Machines for Sachet Water.
  • Automatic Bottle Line Machine – 3 in 1 (Washing, Filling and Capping).
  • Automatic / Semi Automatic Powder, Granule and Paste Packaging Machines.
  • Extruder Machine.
  • Reserve Osmosis (RO) System.
  • Pet Blowing Machine.
  • Sealing and Shrink Packing Machine.
  • Inkjet Printing and Coding machines.
  • Pharmaceuticals Machines such as Blistering, Capsule Filling Machine.
  • Tabletop Machine.
  • Grinding and Granulating Machine, and lots more.

Contact Addresses of YKM Product Limited

Head Office:
37 Old Yaba Rd, Adekunle Bus stop, 101245, Lagos

2/6, Alhaji Ganiyu Abiodun close, Adura b/stop, Lagos – Abeokuta expressway Lagos.

Phone No:

2. Bentraco Industrial Packaging Machine

This company is a very large cooperate organization based in Lagos and Aba. Their core products and services revolve around helping clients set up small, mid to large size industries.

Also, they are a major importer of all kinds of Kitchen and industrial machineries. Their products mainly comes from CHINA, TAIWAN or KOREA, which are very durable and can be used to create financial repatriation within the economy.

At Bentraco, they can also provid clients with other products and services in setting up fast food or hotel kitchens throughout the country. Their kitchen equipments is custom fitted to clients needs to make sure they obtain the highest customer satisfaction in their hotel or fast food outlet.

Hoever, all equipments are designed with the best user functionality which requires clients to spend less time in staff training, while achieving the highest productivity.

F24 Alaba Int’l Mkt Ojo Lagos.

[email protected]

Phone No:


This is another company that claims to be one of the leader of catering equipment suppliers in Nigeria.

The company was incorporated in OJO, Nigeria with Registration Number 1507857. It was registered on 04 Jul 2018.

[email protected]


Some of the Packaging Machine in Nigeria includes:

1. Automatic Granule Packaging Machine in Nigeria

Packaging Machine in Nigeria

This is the Automatic Granules Packing Machine otherwise known as Automatic Chin Chin Packaging Machine in Nigeria. It can also be called the Plantain Chips Packaging Machine in Nigeria.

This Machine is suitable for packing different kinds of grain products such as; Tea, Chinchin, Popcorn, Peanuts, Plantain Chips, Rice, Beans, Garri, Detergents, Seasoning, etcetera.

It packages these products in bag(nylon).

The machine composition includes; feeding barrel, rotary measuring cup, thin film supply equipment, thin film molder, vertical heat sealer, horizontal heat sealing and cutting, electric control part, machine body parts etcetera.

All the parts that can contact with packing material(food products) is mainly stainless steel.

putting Film and Bag Forming —> vertical heat sealing —> Filling —> Bag cutting —> Finished packing.

Other Technical Specifications

It has the capacity to produce 15-50 bags/minute.
It can pack product from 5gr-5kg. Etcetera.
Microcomputer controller.

Granule Packaging Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 2.5-7million Naira.

2. Automatic Powder Packaging Machine in Nigeria

automatic powder packing machine

This machine is widely used in packing powder products such as Food, Medicine, Chemical product etc.

It can automatically finish the work of bag making, measuring, filling, hot sealing, print date and batch number, cutting, counting etcetera.

Performance and Features.

This machine adopts step less adjustable packing speed in a rated range. Electronic controller could adjust the length of the bag.

Material feeding is adopting the way the stepping motor drives material screw. Vertical and transverse sealing have two ways of temperature control in other to guarantee the sealing quality, which applies to different backing material.

There is a photoelectricity tracking the printed material’s colour code to have complete design, and automatically have a metal stamp.

Product batch number can be printed in colour, easy separating perforation can be done.

Main technical data:

Packing speed: 15-45 bags/min.
Packing quality: 2g-5kg.
Material: Powder.
Power: 1.5KW.
Packing material: paper/polythene, cellophane/polythene, nylon/polythene, bopp/polythene, aluminum foil/polythene, polyester fiber/polythene.

The whole machine is completed with main drive gear, speed adjusting, film pulling, bag forming, bad supplying, automatic colour code tracking, measuring, sealing, product transferring and electric controller.

Powder Packaging Machine Price in Nigeria ranges from 2.5-7million Naira.

3. Sachet Water Packaging Machine

packaging machinery in Nigeria

Another common Packaging Machine available in the Nigeria market is the Sachet Water Packaging Machine which is use to packaged treated water in sachets.

Furthermore, it is used to pack a variety of liquids, such as Pure Water, Milk, Soybean Milk, fruit juice, Beverage, Soy sauce, vinegar, and wine are just a few examples.

The packaging material is single lay PE film. UV radiation, bag sterilization, code printing, exact filling, and synchronization with sealing and cutting are all automated.

This series of machines has been thoroughly tested, and its performance has earned them a strong reputation among users due to their ease of use, smooth functioning, and low failure rate.

The Sachet Water Packaging Machine price in Nigeria is between 1-1.5million Naira.

The above listed machines are the very common ones in the market though there are plenty of them. However, I will be writing soon to list more packaging machine available in Nigeria.

Packaging protects things while also making them appealing. Despite the fact that it is the last phase in the manufacturing process, it is the first thing your buyers see. To be effective, it must be appealing and consistent.

However, manual packaging can take a long time. It can lead to employee tiredness, packing waste, and other issues. It’s also possible that it won’t be consistent or cost-effective.

Furthermore, at many phases of the packaging process, such as filling, wrapping, labeling, and palletizing, packaging automation employs automatic or semi-automatic machinery. Almost every industry may benefit from it, especially since material handling is becoming increasingly difficult in this age of ecommerce.

Many different forms of packing technology, such as wrappers and palletizers, are now available. Depending on the requirements of your items, you can use any of them.

In addition, if you need any New or fairly used packaging machine in Nigeria, do not hesitate to holla at me. I am experienced in this and I can help you source for the best available in the market.

  1. What are packaging machines, and how do they benefit industries in Nigeria?
    • Packaging machines are equipment used to pack products efficiently and securely. In Nigeria, these machines aid industries by automating the packaging process, enhancing productivity, and ensuring consistency in packaging quality.
  2. What types of packaging machines are commonly used in Nigerian industries?
    • Various packaging machines are utilized, including filling machines, sealing machines, labeling machines, and wrapping machines. These cater to different needs like bottling liquids, sealing pouches, labeling containers, and wrapping goods.
  3. What challenges do industries face regarding the adoption of packaging machines in Nigeria?
    • Challenges include initial investment costs, access to reliable power supply, maintenance requirements, and the need for specialized skills to operate and maintain these machines effectively.
  4. How do packaging machines contribute to the quality and competitiveness of Nigerian products?
    • Packaging machines ensure standardized packaging, which enhances product presentation, shelf life, and safety. Consistent packaging also helps products stand out in the market, boosting competitiveness.
  5. What advancements or trends are emerging in the packaging machine industry in Nigeria?
    • Emerging trends include the integration of smart technology for automation and quality control, eco-friendly packaging solutions, and efforts to develop more affordable and accessible packaging machinery suited to Nigeria’s market needs.

Thanks for reading and please do come back for the concluding part of this article.

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